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New Challenges and Opportunities in 2021

We wish everyone a great 2021 and while last year was a difficult year for everyone, we must all continue to look forward to what is to come as our actions now will determine our futures.

Canada has always been a country that adapts to the changing environmental, political and technological climates from around the world. Last year was no different and Canada has lead by example from all levels of government and society. We showed unified efforts in battling Covid-19 together and this is what makes Canada the strong country that it is today.

The country and the world will move forward and the Immigration Minister, Marco Menidicino has expressed with great enthusiasm that the Government of Canada has set its goal to settle over 1.2 million permanent residents in the next few years. These intake levels are to fulfill the current and future labour shortages in all industries stretched across the entire country from major city centres to remote urban towns.

We hope all of you stay safe and look forward to a better future and new year.


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