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Frequently Asked Questions.

Any type of Canadian immigration application, whether it be a Family Class application or a Temporary Resident Visa application, will be based on its merits and supporting evidence because no two applications are alike. 

They will be assessed differently each time by Canadian immigration officials.  For more specific questions you may have and information on using us as your authorized representative, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us where we can fully evaluate and prepare your application.


How can I sponsor my family members to Canada?


You have to be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident to sponsor your family members to Canada.  There are different requirements for each type of family member, for example sponsoring your spouse is different from sponsoring your parents.


What other ways can I bring my family members to Canada?


You can bring your family members over to Canada if you meet the requirements of other Canadian immigration programs.  For example your family members can accompany you to Canada while you visit, study or work temporarily.


How can I come to Canada as a Student or Worker?

You can study or work in Canada if you meet the requirements of the program you choose.  If you want to study in Canada you must enroll in an accredited educational institution in Canada.  For workers you must find an employer who is willing to hire you and provide a contract for your services.



Which immigration program will be the best for me and my family?

There are numerous programs that are designed to cater to specific individuals and your skill sets.  We can help you identify the best immigration program to apply under and provide you options to choose.  You may be surprised there may be more ways to immigrate to Canada when we analyze in depth what you can contribute to Canada.  Contact one of our Immigration Consultants today and start planning your future.

How long does it take for my application to be evaluated?

Each application has its own timeline because of external factors.  For example the wait times of your current Visa Office or if the immigration official requires that your family member have an interview to confirm the details of your application.

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