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Whether you are in Canada or overseas and you want to immigrate to Canada, schedule a consultation with us.  We can correspond through Email, Skype or Telephone.

We are here to answer any questions you may have on your immigration matters and to find a solution to your goals in coming to Canada.

Schedule a consultation:

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Fred Y-F Li

Immigration Case Manager


Mobile: 1.604.790.1263

Fax: 1.604.288.5083



Perry Wong

Immigration Case Manager


Fax: 1.604.288.5083



For BC Residents

We like to be mobile in order to serve you better.  If you live within the GVRD/lower mainland, schedule a consultation with us and we will meet at a location that is closer and more convenient for you.

FP Immigration

Office Address:

11575 Bridgeport Road, Suite 100

Richmond, BC V6X 1T5


General Enquiries:



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