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Foreign Worker Challenges During Covid-19

As we are are going through these unprecedented times together many foreign workers and their families have questions about their future inside Canada and for the many foreign workers who are planning to come to Canada. One of the most important questions we get is how Covid-19 has affected the entire food system and global supply chains.

Each year Canada requires at least 60,000 foreign workers to help with the harvest of food products according to the CBC. The same exists with the United States in that our countries are intertwined in logistics for our agricultural trade to remain functional. The Canadian government confirmed in March that foreign workers will be allowed to enter Canada despite the Covid-19 travel ban because they are essential workers.

These next few weeks will be critical as we continue to watch the world implement new restrictions and may cause shortages not only in food but in all industries around the world. We will continue to provide advice and services for foreign workers who wish to come to Canada and we wish that everyone remains safe during these trying times.

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