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2020 Canadian Immigration Outlook

The Federal Government's target of 341,000 newcomers in 2020 is the main priority for our newly appointed Immigration Minister, Mr. Marco Mendicino. We can also get more understanding of the immigration priorities after the 2019 Annual Report to Parliament is released. One hot topic would be the Parental Sponsorship Program and how to restructure this very popular program that has faced some criticism in the past in terms of how it operates. As of present day the Parental Sponsorship Program Intake for 2020 is on hold and we will update our news section when this program reopens.

Another major goal for our new Minister is to attract more immigrants to settle in regional areas outside the major metropolitan cities. Many Provincial Nomination Programs have introduced pilot programs for smaller communities to take part in the selection process. We can even expect a Municipal Nominee Program where designated municipalities will be able to recruit newcomers to fulfill labour shortages.

2020 will be an exciting year for many applicants who wish to immigrate to Canada and we look forward in helping you come to Canada.

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