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Majority of immigrants start own businesses than those born in Canada

The Business Development Bank of Canada has concluded a study in which they have determined that immigrants are more likely than those born in Canada to start a business and take that risk into entrepreneurship. As immigrants will account for up to 80% of Canada's population growth by 2032, the more entrepreneurs will establish themselves and help solidify a strong economic environment in Canada.

What drives immigrants more to start a business than local Canadians are the same factors that made them choose Canada as their new home. Immigrants want financial independence, pursue their passions and prove to themselves they can attain their dreams if they put their sweat equity into their business. They understand it is worth the stress and risk in order to reach the full potential they are capable of and must not take this opportunity that Canada has given them to waste.

Many immigrants have faced adversity and setbacks which only makes them mentally stronger to push themselves to succeed and we need more entrepreneurs to take those risks to help Canada remain competitive in an ever more changing and demanding international marketplace.

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