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British Colombia Regional Pilot Program for Entrepreneurs Open

If you are an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to start your business in Canada, this new regional pilot program in British Columbia may be what you are looking for. This new program aims at settling new immigrant entrepreneurs into regional communities in British Columbia as the goal is to address the aging population and to create jobs in urban centres that are away from the major cities.

The program works by first assessing your qualifications, then requiring you to complete an exploratory visit to the community where you would like to set up your business. A designated community representative will then go over your business plan and determine how your business can benefit the community. The next steps if accepted are to apply for a Work Permit to officially start the set up and operation of the business. If all requirements are met based on the Performance Agreement then the British Columbia Nomination Program will nominate you for permanent residence.

If you are interested in this new pilot program contact us today for more information.

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