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New Requirements for Employers Seeking to Hire Temporary Foreign Workers

At the end of last month Service Canada, the department responsible for assessing Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA), (to determine if a Canadian employer hiring a foreign worker would have any negative impact on the local labour market), put into effect new rules for employers to comply before applying for an LMIA.

More rigorous and direct recruitment efforts are now required to ensure employers have tried to recruit to their best of their capabilities to hire someone local and especially to under-represented groups in Canada who may have difficulty in entering the job market.

The new recruitment efforts may better guide employers to recruit in sources they may not necessarily think of and this is a positive step for both employers and foreign workers as by implementing the new recruitment efforts, if no local candidates are still not found, a positive LMIA can be justified.

If you are a Canadian employer who is having difficulty finding the right candidates or lack there of, contact us for a consultation to see if your company can apply through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

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