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The results of the US election and Mr. Donald J. Trump being elected as the President of the United States have made history that will impact our society for years to come. What does this mean for Canada's diplomatic relations with the US, as well as other countries who the US have trade agreements with? What does this mean for the US economy? Will Mr. Trump actually do what he says and re-negotiate or perhaps, terminate these trade agreements? Would an influx of US Citizens, Green-Card Holders, undocumented individuals, individuals with different ethnic background, would -be asylum claimants or individuals who are currently seeking permanent residence in the US decide to leave for greener pastures north of the border, or elsewhere? These questions are yet to be answered and are still pondering in the minds of millions of Americans who are looking for an "Alternative".

We are not here to criticize, predict or judge what Mr. Trump and his upcoming Administration would do to immigration and the US economy; however, we can provide an "Alternative". Canada has a shortage of skilled workers and business investment in certain provinces and the Canadian Immigration Minister has made plans to increase immigration over the next few years in order to fill those gaps. If you feel that you would face adverse implications living in the US under Mr. Trump's new administration or if you feel that you need to seek the "Alternative", the time to act is now. Do not panic and feel overwhelmed. We will ensure that your alternative plans in seeking a better way of life are met with high standards.

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