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New Procedures for Students Entering Canada

Last month Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) changed the guidelines for some international students who are seeking to apply for a Study Permit. The new procedure is called the "Pathway Program" and this means students who need to meet certain prerequisites for their intended area of study, are only issued a Study Permit for a short period of time, such as a language course. Only after the student has completed their prerequisite program, that they can then apply further for a new Study Permit to cover their main program of study.

Previously students are issued Study Permits to cover both the time spent in their prerequisite programs and their main area of study programs. This new procedure was brought into place to ensure all students are studying and not working only, as holding a Study Permit allows students to work part time. Nonetheless this new procedure will bring up many issues that will affect students negatively, such as waiting to apply for a new Study Permit, after they have completed their prerequisite, when their is a deadline to apply for the upcoming start date of their main program.

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