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Bill to Change Canadian Citizenship Act Passes

Changes to the Citizenship Act (Bill C-6) passed the Canadian House of Commons June 17, 2016 to revert back to a similar assessment process for obtaining Canadian Citizenship. The previous Conservative government implemented a stringent set of rules for immigrations seeking citizenship as well as the ability to revoke citizenship form dual Canadian citizens.

The new law reduces the amount of time a permanent resident has to live in Canada back to three out of the past five years. Most importantly, the time spent inside Canada as a Temporary Resident (Study Permit or Foreign Worker) would be able to count a portion of this time towards their three year requirement.

For more information on obtaining Canadian Citizenship or if you wish to determine if you have met the requirements, you may contact our office for more information. Please note the new Citizenship legislation has passed the House of Commons, however it is not yet in effect.

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