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Provincial Nominee Program Applications.

What Are Provincial Nominee Programs?

Provincial Nominee Programs are immigration programs created by the Provincial Governments of Canada to find Skilled Workers, Tradespeople, Graduates of Canadian Universities and other specific economic groups that are able to contribute to the growth of each respective province.

The requirements to apply are set out by the Provincial Governments rather then the Federal Government and this allows each province to find the specific immigrants they need to fulfill the current and future needs of their province.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

Within British Columbia, our program consists of a vareity of categories which are employer driven, in which you can apply under.  From Business Classes, Skilled Workers, International Graduates, the B.C. governments are looking for immigrants like you to help our economy grow.  There will be a shortgage of many Skilled Workers due to our aging population and many opportunities will become available for you to be nominated by the province of B.C.

Permanent Residency

Whether you applied through the regular BC PNP or Express Entry BC PNP, you are now on your way to obtaining Permanent Residence in Canada.  Your employer has supported your nomination all the way through and it is now time for you to contribute back to the respective province that has nominated you. 

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