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family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver

New Permanent Resident conditions after your spousal sponsorship application is approved.

October 29, 2012

The Minister this past week announced new Permanent Resident conditions for successful spousal sponsorship applicants.  This new measure is meant to curb the amount of marriages of convenience currently taking place from applicants around the globe.

This new obligation for Permanent Residents requires you as the applicant to live with your sponsor from Canada for a minimum of two (2) years after you are granted Permanent Resident status in Canada.

Regardless if your relationship is truly genuine, you will not be able to prove this to the officer reviewing your application if you are not able to present your case successfully in an organized and easy to read package.

Keep up to date on the changing immigration laws from our news section and browse through the services we provide.  We will have the answers you are looking for!


How immigration fraud can effect your application.​

September 18, 2012

Recently you may have heard on the news about Canadian Citizenship fraud or how Permanent Residents are falsifying their residency obligations.  The acts of some will effect others, like you who are legitimately immigrating to Canada or sponsoring a family member.  

The only way to counter the effects of this negative label in our industry and for your interests is to prepare the most comprehensive and detailed Family Class application for the respective immigration officers to review.  

Addressing all discrepancies in your Family Class application from the get go will make the reviewing officers job easier and will make your application show that you have nothing to hide.

Having an experienced immigration representative help you compile, prepare and submit your Family Class application will allow your application to look professional yet personal as it will be able to tell your story.  

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver

Is the new super visa really super?

August 23, 2012

Considering a super visa for your parents?  Many preparations must be taken by their children who want to sponsor their parents by proving they can take care of them in Canada.

It is not an automatic 10 years of residency in Canada as a visitor for your parents as how the government depicts this program to be.  Your parents may apply for an initial 2 year Super Visa first, then they can re-apply for a renewal of their Super Visa for a period up to 10 years.

You may save time but not money because your parents are still visitors to Canada, not Permanent Residents.  With no guarantee of approval for their Super Visa, you may end up paying for medical insurance for up to 2 years from their requested time as a visitor and not have them in Canada because their application was refused.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver

The new federal worker Canada wants you to be.

July 4, 2012

There are numerous stories from immigrants who have recently immigrated to Canada and could not find a job in their field of expertise or integrate into the local community.  This is because immigrants to Canada do not prepare themselves adequately to be part of the workforce.

For example, immigrants do not have their credentials from school or work examined to see if they meet the standards of Canada.  Another example would be the lack of English skills to work in Canada.

The above scenarios many immigrants face can be addressed fully by having a knowledgable immigration representative guide you what you need to do prior to submitting your respective immigration application.  If you want a success outcome for your application you have to prepare for it mentally and physically and not rely on hope that your application will get approved.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver

Immigration to Canada is not only the key to population growth... but the key for economic growth.

​June 6, 2012

The government of Canada is putting a huge emphasis on the new Skilled Worker program and to have immigrants contribute to the local economy immediately.

Rather than waiting for months before an immigrant can find a job, the government of Canada has proposed changes to the current Skilled Worker program which will eliminate many barriers workers face in coming to Canada.

Changes include eliminating the backlog of the old Federal Skilled Worker program as many employers were not able to fill important vacancies immediately because there was just too much red tape.  Having the credentials of foreign workers assessed was also a barrier for both the employer and worker because there was no standardized process.

Many changes are coming to the new Federal Skilled Worker program in the coming weeks.  Be sure to check our News section periodically for updates that may effect you.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver

Changes to the Family Class program.

May 22, 2012

Marriage of convenience is a term not highly appreciated by the government of Canada.  The acts of a few minority will effect the majority and this fact cannot be any more clear.  Proposed changes to the Family Class program include any spouse who has been sponsored must live with their sponsor for two years.

If these steps are not taken, the sponsored person may have their Permanent Resident status taken away.  This legislation still applies even if your marriage breaks down and you have already gone your separate ways.

With respect to these changes, you can view them as beneficial to curbing immigration fraud or see it as a liability to your application.  Even having your Family Class application approved does not guarantee you permanent residence in Canada as your status can be taken away.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver

The provincial route to family immigration: Provincial Nominee Programs.

April 7, 2012

There are many ways for you and your family to immigrate to Canada.  One popular immigration alternative to the Federal immigration programs is the Provincial Nominee Program.  Basically how this program operates is the Provincial governments determine which immigrants they need to help their local economy grow.

If you have a skill set in which the local workforce requires or is in short supply, consider this program.  You can become a Permanent Resident after you settle in the respective province and then you can sponsor your family to settle in Canada.

Generally this program is much faster than other Federal immigration programs.  However there are many conditions as well you have to meet in order to qualify.  If you would like to know more about this program, send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver

How to integrate successfully into Canadian society with your family.

March 25, 2012

There are numerous preparations a family can take before immigrating to Canada.  One example that many families overlook is to take an exploratory visit of Canada before applying under the Family Class program.

When you visit with your family, you can see first hand what it would be like to live in Canada and what job opportunities are out there.  You can better prepare yourself for a job search if you can research the area you are going to be living in.

What kind of local ethnic communities are there where you plan to live?  How do the schools in your area perform?  How expensive is it to live in your desired area?  

Many questions can be answered if you take an exploratory visit to Canada and not have to commit blindly through the Family Class program if you never have been to Canada before. 

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver

Only regulated immigration consultants or lawyers can represent your respective immigration application to Canada.

February 14, 2012

Immigrating to Canada can be a daunting task for anyone.  Especially when you do not speak English as your native tongue.  As regulated immigration representatives, we can help you through the immigration process by acting as your guide.

We are educated and experienced with Canadian immigration law and we can find a solution that will work for you.  Remember only regulated consultants from ICCRC or a lawyer can represent your immigration application to Canada.

As your immigration representative, we will take care of all the paperwork in order for you to take care of your family.  From preparation to departure we will guide you through all the way to settlement in Canada.  Contact us for any questions you may have on your immigration matters.

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