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The Quebec Investor Program Has Re-Opened for 2015

January 5, 2015




For those who want to immigrate to Canada on a passive investment scheme, the Quebec Government has re-opened its Investor Program effective today.


The government of Quebec will accept a maximum of 1750 applications during a short window of time from January 19th to March 20th 2015. Interested applicants are accordingly encouraged to act early to increase their chances of having their application selected for processing.


The application quotas and the limited period of reception do not apply to applicants to the investor category who can demonstrate an intermediate to advanced level of French language proficiency.


To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate the following:


 •A legitimately acquired personal net worth of at least 1.6 million Canadian Dollars;


 •At least two years of senior managerial experience within the past five years in a private enterprise, eligible partnership, government body or a non-government organization;


 •Commit to making an interest free investment of CAD $800,000.00 in a prescribed (government guaranteed) investment for a period of five years;


 •An intention to settle in the province of Quebec.


For more information on the Quebec Investor Program for immigration to Canada, please schedule a consultation with one of our immigration professionals.



family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
The Launch of the Express Entry System for January 1, 2015

January 5, 2015




For those of you who are interested in applying for Permanent Residency through one of the economic programs from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, this new system will enable applicants who are selected to have their applications processed faster.  You will still need to meet the minimum requirements of one of the economic programs.  


You can refer to our services page to find more information regarding the economic programs.  As this is a quota system your due attention in making an early profile within the Express Entry System is highly advisable.  For more information contact one of our licensed immigration professionals.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
First Draws of Express Entry Candidates Have Begun

February 19, 2015




The new Express Entry program for candidates who qualify under one of the Economic Programs of Canada has already begun to draw applicants.  Instead of a first come first serve system that was in place before for Skilled Workers, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will now be able to select the most qualified candidates immediately.  


If you believe you qualify as a Skilled Worker or under one of the other Economic Programs of Canada, contact us today in order to submit your profile for selection.  This streamlined process for Permanent Residency will benefit you as the applicant and for the growth and prosperity of the Canadian labour economy.  


Canada is forcasted to be short in an array of skilled trades and high skilled positions due to the retiring baby boomers.  Canada is looking for qualified candidates like yourselves to help fill in this growing vacancy.  


To provide you with a better picture, for the month of February 2015, under the Express Entry system, 779 applicants were invited to apply for Permanent Residence.  And the program had only started in January 2015.  Coming to Canada now is more efficient then ever and if you want to ensure your goals to coming to Canada will solidify, contact us today.  We can help.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
New regulations for temporary workers and the 4 year rule

March 25, 2015




Starting April 1, 2015 there will be a new regulation in effect for temporary workers who have been inside Canada for over 4 years.  If you are a foreign worker for longer than 4 years you will not be able to renew your work permit.  There are some occupations that are exempt but if you are a low skilled worker, you will have to decide whether to change your status or return back to your home country.


There are alternative ways to remain inside Canada, such as changing your status to a student or even a visitor temporarily, but for a permanent solution, you must try to qualify under one of the economic streams or family class streams.


We want to help you stay inside Canada and if you are serious about settling permanantly in Canada, come speak to one of our immigration consultants today.  Book an appointment before your work permit is set to expire.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
Changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act - Revocation provisions now in force

May 29, 2015




As of May 29, 2015 Citizenship and Immigration Canada now hows the legislative power to revoke Canadian Citizenship from dual citizens.  This new enactment is meant to protect the safety and security of Canadians from terrorists or Canadians who are engaged in acts of terrorism.


The decision on revocation of citizenship will pertain to those who commit residence fraud, concealed criminal charges, identity fraud, terrorism, treason, espionage or have served in an armed force against Canada.  The impact of revocation is a 10 year ban from re-acquiring citizenship to some individuals and even a permanent bar from acquiring Canadian citizenship.


It is important to note that revocation of citizenship does not only apply to people considered to be a security threat to Canada, but also for those who have been found misrepresenting to Citizenship and Immigration.  Specifically for those who commit residency fraud without material circumstances that could induce an error in the administration of the Citizenship Act.


For those who are interested in applying for Canadian citizenship under the new Citizenship Act, please consult with one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants to ensure your application is prepared accurately and diligently.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
Preparing to Sponsor your Parents in 2016

August 16, 2015




If you are planning to sponsor your parents to Canada for the upcoming year, this is the time to start gathering the required documents and forms to ensure you are fully prepared to submit your sponsorship application for the 2016 year.


The quota for the Sponsorship of Parents is 5000 applications per year and if you want to be included in this quota, then come speak to one of our immigration consultants today to provide you with an in-depth review of everything you need to do.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
Parental Sponsorship Program Reopening in 2016

December 12, 2015




The new Parental Sponsorship Program will be reopening in January 2016 and if you would like to sponsor your parents then contact us for a consultation.  To meet the quota we will have to prepare your application and have it ready for submission before the new year, to ensure your application is ready to be received by Citizenship and Immigration Canada on opening day of January 4, 2015.


You can expect this program to be full within a relatively short period of time and to be proactive in this approach will ensure your application has the best chance to be part of the initial quota inclusion.


There may be an update on the total number of applications to be accepted but presently the quota remains the same at 5000 applications per year under this category.  For more information and to start your sponsorship application, contact us below.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
Welcoming of Syrian Refugees Disrupted 

January 9, 2016




As an organization that represents immigrants and newcomers to Canada, we are very disappointed and appalled at the incident that took place outside the Muslim Association of Canada Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia where a group of Syrian Refugees were being welcomed.


Canada and in particular, Vancouver, British Columbia are known for representing vast multi-cultural communities from many ethnicities.  We at FP Immigration are in support with the Government of Canada for welcoming and supporting all newcomers to Canada, despite a person's ethnicity, religion, class and gender.


For those who are reading this post and as a reminder, we want to state that "Refugees" are victims.  Not targets of continued persecution and harassment.  We wish all the victims that were in last night's attack a fast recovery and hope that hate crimes such as this will never be seen again.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
The new revamped British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program has reopened for 2016

January 27, 2016




The BC PNP program has reopened for 2016 and has been revamped with a new intake system for immigrants who wish to apply under this program for permanent residency.  As British Columbia is projected to have massive job openings in a variety of industries in the foreseeable future, the new intake system from the BC PNP will address the demand for skilled workers from employers in British Columbia.

The new BC PNP intake system is similar to the recently implemented Federal Express Entry system where potential applicants are chosen from a pool of candidates based on their profile scores.  Each applicant’s score will be based on their respective education, language abilities, work experience, and other factors.

Each draw will be determined by the number of applicants and the highest scores available from the pool of candidates at each specific time.  Therefore the skilled workers with the highest scores will be selected.  This new intake system will help employers find qualified workers immediately to fill in their job vacancies.

Each prospective profile submitted to the BC PNP will be valid for twelve (12) months and if an applicant is selected, they will be issued an invitation to apply and have 30 days to accept the invitation.  After the invitation is accepted the applicant will then have to submit all the required documents and forms to the BC PNP.  Nomination of the applicant will take place if all conditions have been met.

As the BC PNP has not stated an actual quota on the number of applications they will intake since it is a points based system, we encourage all potential applicants who are interested in the program to speak to one of our licensed Immigration Consultants to make a submission to the new BC PNP program.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
How the new Express Entry system is working after one year

April 13, 2016




The new Express Entry system which was implemented last year has produced many invitations for permanent residence in Canada.  This new intake system is a dynamic and flexible way for prospective immigrants to apply.  


If you have a job offer in Canada by way of a Labour Market Impact Assessment or Provincial Nomination, you are automatically issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA).  However it is important you still must meet background and security checks after your invitation.


The Express Entry system has been praised by many such as employers; as it addresses their immediate job vacancies.  On the other side of the horizon, many potential immigrants such as temporary workers and students believe the Express Entry system does not allow them to qualify based on the high number of points required.


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recongizes these issues and are in constant deliberation with all interested parties to come up with a resolution to a more efficient invitation process.


If you believe you qualify under one of the Economic Programs and want to apply under the Express Entry, please feel free to contact one of our immigration specialist to work with you one on one to determine if you qualify or how to help you meet the minimum requirements.

family immigration, immigration consulting in vancouver
Start-up Visa Program continues to grow in popularity

May 7, 2016



The newly opened immigration program for entrepreneurs is growing rapidily in recognition around the world.  This program allows immigrant entrepreneurs to implement their plans to establish a business in Canada and qualify for Permanent Residence.  The Canadian economy benefits from the growth and opporturnity that these new businesses bring in terms of direct job creation and diversity.


This five-year pilot program allows entrepreneurs who have the support of a designated Canadian entity such as a Venture Fund, Angel Investor Group or Business Incubator to apply for permanent residence as they establish their company in Canada.  


This program is for you if your goal is to immigrate to Canada and to establish yourself as a successful business person.  You recognize the enormous growth potential in every industry and how Canada's economic environment will allow your business to succeed.  


Contact one of our Immigration Case Managers today to discuss your future here in Canada as a Start-up Visa applicant.

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