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​Family Class Applications.

Spousal Sponsorship

Your foundation in Canada is going to be your family.  Whether you found your significant other inside Canada or outside Canada, we can help unite you both.

There are two distinct programs for sponsoring your spouse.  Deciding on which category, to sponsor your spouse outside of Canada or inside of Canada requires both of you to understand the requirements.

Your future will be together in Canada and we are here to map out the best route for both of you to take.

Parental Sponsorship

When you immigrate to Canada, you want to be sure you can still be with your family.  Your parents are the core of your family and they can be with you here in Canada.

Sponsoring your parents to Canada will help you feel confident they are safe and taken care of.  They can also help look after your children if you decide to, along with embracing what they can bring to Canada, that is their culture, experience and love.

Child Sponsorship

You may have immigrated to Canada first before your family, to lay the foundation for your children when they are ready to come to Canada.

We can help bring your children to Canada for them to grow up in an environment that is able to offer them the best education and provide the loving upbringing you will provide for them.

As long as your children are under the dependent age, they can immigrate to Canada.

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