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Canadian Citizenship Applications.

Determine If You Qualify

You will have to meet the minimum number of days living inside Canada to be able to apply for Canadian Citizenship.  Obtaining Canadian Citizenship will be one of the most important aspects during your transition from being a Permanent Resident.  It will allow you to freely travel home to visit your family and provide you the security that all Canadian enjoy at home.

Prepare for Your Test

Applying for Canadian Citizenship is not just a priviledge, it is a responsiblity.  You must appreciate how Canada came to be, its place in the world, and how you can contribute to it.  Canada was built on the shoulders of immigrants like you, and if you can become part of their history, then Canada will forever be one of the best countries to live in the world.

Now You Are Canadian

When you hold your Canadian passport, understand what it stands for.  It is not simply a piece of governemnt identification, it is a symbol that you must uphold and respect.  When you travel, appreciate what it can do for you, and help others who look up to Canadians.

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