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Canada's Immigration Plan

The objective of Canada's immigration plan for the future is to ensure our aging population and low birth rate is offset by the number of skilled immigrations that are able to settle and work in Canada. Immigration will become ever more important as Canada's economy grew by 3% in 2017 and having a labour force that is able to fulfill the growth while at the same time relieving the retirement vacancies of baby boomers will become essential. If not for immigration, Canada's population growth will stall and when the majority of the demographic work force today begins to retire, there will simply not be enough qualified people to fill in those vacancies. This potential situation has already become a reality in Atlantic Canada where the economic prospects of this region has become extremely difficult for businesses, industries and the local population.

The opportunity here is that if you are a skilled immigrant who is able to demonstrate you can contribute to the growth of the economy of Canada, we invite you to speak with us to determine if immigrating to Canada will allow you to grow your career, start a family and become part of Canada's future.

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